What is the Best Way to Shred?

After my last newsletter a customer called and asked me if On-Site Shredding or Off-Site Shredding was better.  The answer is always that neither is “better”… although one might be better than the other for your specific situation.

As a NAID AAA Certified company, all the shredding we perform must meet rigorous audited security and operational standards.  It is all equally safe and secure, because the rules apply whether we come to you to shred, you come to us, or we pick up documents from you and bring them back to our plant to shred.  But that being said, sometimes one method might be a better choice than another.

  • For smaller quantities, drop-off shredding is by far the most cost effective choice.  When you bring the material to us for shredding we will help you get it out of the car, weigh it, and you can watch it being shredded through the window.
  • Sometimes a large number of boxes of old records cycle out of storage at the same time and are already on pallets.  This situation is a clear candidate for removal and certified offsite shredding.
  • The “gold standard” is on-site shredding, where we send a shred truck to you and shred right there.  We can handle on-site witnessed shredding from one to a thousand boxes in one day, including taking away the empty cardboard boxes for proper recycling.  We can also shred backup tapes, CD’s, and computer hard drives onsite (just not in the same trucks that shred paper).

Not sure what would work best for you?  Call me and we can work it out together!