Spring Shredding Sale

Didn’t it seem like Spring would never get here this year? Before it turns right into beach season and gets too hot, this is the perfect time to look inside your records storage unit. And when you do, I challenge you to ask yourself 3 simple questions:

1) When was the last time we needed anything from in here?
2) Do we have legal risk from keeping discoverable files longer than we need to?
3) Why are we spending money to store things we don’t need?

Almost all our clients find that they are storing more boxes than they need to, often for longer than they should. In this day of tight budgets, cutting down on storage expense can be an easy win!

I’ll sweeten the deal a little… if you have a storage unit or warehouse racks full of boxes to be shredded, call me directly at (516) 342-5551 and mention this blog post. As a loyal “Tobi Says” Follower, I’ll give you a special price on all shredding “clean-out” projects completed before June 15. Now you can save money on the storage unit and save money on your shredding!

This is a limited time offer, so let’s talk soon to get you onto our shredding schedule!