Special Shredding Projects

Our team likes a shredding challenge. We can help with:

  • File rooms of unboxed records or mixed paper, computers, hard drives, tapes, and blueprints
  • Hard to reach storage areas and hard to shred materials like rolls and blueprints
  • Wet, Moldy, and Flood Damaged records


Rolls of paperStatement Printer

This current Client is a high-speed statement printer, and every single job they run would be an Identity Thief’s dream.  Their printing process produces oversized rolls which can weigh as much as a ton each, and any misprints require the entire roll to be shredded.

We redesigned the handling, tracking, shredding, and recycling processes and now every week we shred oversize rolls of printed documents along with thousands of flat sheets and envelopes.


water-damaged storage unitLaw Firm

The Client was a law firm who only first gained access to their former Storage Unit one full year after Hurricane Sandy.  They discovered the remains of over a thousand boxes, still wet and now contaminated and moldy.



Dare to Pare Contest

Our Client is a “household name” corporation.  They were about to move into a new US Headquarters space, but each employee and department would have significantly less file storage in the new location.  Working jointly with the Facilities Team, we designed a “Dare to Pare” initiative, complete with a contest to see which Department could identify (and shred) the most unnecessary files.  The contest has run its course, but “Dare To Pare” is now part of their culture as an annual event.


Landlord Client

Our Client was a Landlord.  Their tenant abruptly disappeared and abandoned the space, leaving behind over 17,000 boxes of live mortgage and title records.  After appropriate Court Orders were obtained, we emptied the premises, shredded the files, removed the shelving, and left the space “broom clean”.


New York City Agency

A well known New York City Agency ceased operations, leaving behind 129 pallets of confidential paper records, 21 boxes of backup tapes, 17 boxes of digital storage media, 129 1” master videotapes, and almost 600 computers.

Quality Shredding set up at the secure State Warehouse, positioning our equipment to be in clear view of the security cameras.  While a team in Albany monitored, we shredded all the paper and ground down the digital media and tapes.  We then disassembled all the computers, removed the hard drives,  scanned every serial number, and shredded the hard drives on-site under camera.  The computers were the properly recycled.


Real Estate Developer

Our Client was a Real Estate Developer.  Upon purchasing a property with several buildings, thousands of boxes of confidential legal files were discovered stored on the second floor of a structurally unsound building.  Many were wet due to a partial ceiling collapse

Working with the Developer, the Executor of the Estate, and the Village we were able to set conveyors to empty the building safely and shred all the materials on-site under legal supervision.


Beyond just shredding, our consultants can help with:

  • Maintaining compliance with an ever-changing world of State and Federal regulations
  • Needs analysis… and then developing specific information destruction programs for your organization
  • Providing proper required formal policies and procedures for secure records disposal
Tobi Says...

Here’s More About Special Shredding Projects:

Our team loves a challenge. Whether you have flood-damaged records, oversize materials, or complicated situations, we would love to take a look at them. We have completed major projects throughout the Tri-State area.

I have a very innovative and well-qualified staff, including 2 of only 3 NAID accredited CSDS’s (Certified Secure Destruction Specialist) in the entire Metro NY area. If you need help with an unusual shredding challenge or a Policies and Procedures “Best Practices” review, please call me!

For us, Shredding is not just some “sideline” or “value-added service”. Your Data Security and Compliance is our ONLY business!

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