Quality Shredding Fights Identity Theft

Giving back to our community is very important to me on a personal level, and that’s why you’ll see our trucks at Community Shred Events almost every weekend. These free shredding events are ways to get peace of mind from securely disposing of personal papers and not making yourself a target for Identity Theft.

These events are NOT a way for businesses to get free shredding. In fact, it is a HIPAA violation for Health Care Providers to use these free events without documentation. Businesses large and small can call me for an appointment and you’ll be pleased at how reasonable our rates are for one-time cleanouts or scheduled shredding service. But if you have up to 3 bags or boxes of personal papers to shred, check out our Community Shredding calendar . If you can make it to a place we will be and only have a little bit, these free shredding events might be just what you need.

Most of us think about Identity Theft starting with computer hackers, but the reality is that old documents have a wealth of information the bad guys could use. This video from our recent shred at the Deer Park Library has great information from the NY State Attorney General’s Office, AARP, and the Suffolk County Legislature. If you’ve never been to a Community Shred before, you can see just how it works!