On-ste shredding services

On-Site Shredding

  • On-Site Shredding is when our Mobile Shredding Trucks come to you and the work is done at your location
  • Free removal of unwanted empty cardboard boxes
  • Perfect for medical professionals concerned with HIPAA compliance or anytime witnessed destruction is required
  • Quality Shredding has On-Site solutions for Paper, Hard Drive, and Non-Paper Media shredding
  • Trucks are equipped with onboard closed circuit video so you can watch the shredding
  • We can shred up to 1,000 boxes a day on-site at your location, whether an office or storage unit
  • Don’t just take our word… please read our reviews!

On-Site Mobile shredding is not just for small jobs!
Watch this 14-second video clip of us shredding 1,567 boxes on-site:

Tobi Says...

Here’s More About On-Site Shredding:

All of the shredding work we do is NAID AAA Certified and fully HIPAA Compliant, whether performed On-Site or Off-Site. Many people just like seeing their files shredded right in front of them but we have other clients where security regulations require it.

When we work on-site we send one or more mobile shredding trucks to your office and the files are destroyed in front of you while you watch via the video monitor on the trucks. This service can be used for one-time purges, annual records cleanouts, office moves, or for your regular weekly or monthly shredding pickup. Don’t think just paper... a well-known Federal location has contracted us to provide On-Site hard drive shredding and shredding of old digital media every month with special On-Site equipment!

For us, Shredding is not just some “sideline” or “value-added service”. Your Data Security and Compliance is our ONLY business!

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