How Do We Pick a Shredding Company? What Should we Look for?

The sad reality is that if there weren’t thieves and scam artists, you wouldn’t be needing a shredding company. But unfortunately, they are out there and our industry is an attractive target. The good news is that it is VERY EASY to avoid scams with just a little research on your part.

  • Require and verify NAID Certification from your vendor. NAID is the National Association for Information Destruction, the professional organization which certifies companies and accredits individuals. They audit us and check for proper procedures, updated drug and background checks, and proper security. When a company is NAID Certified they are accountable to a third party, but a non-certified company is accountable to no one. This is why the FTC counts selection of a vendor properly certified by a recognized trade organization as successful completion of the entire Due Diligence process for FACTA compliance.  USING A NAID AAA CERTIFIED COMPANY AUTOMATICALLY MEETS THE FTC SELECTION REQUIREMENT!
  • Our website contains the NAID verification tool in the left margin so you can check our Certification status. You can also validate Certification directly from the NAID website. Do not confuse “NAID Membership” with “NAID Certification”. Any Shredder can become a member, but few can become AAA Certified. Then take a look at what the shredding company is certified for. Are they Certified for both on-site and off-site services? What about hard drive destruction and other forms of non-paper media? Quality Shredding is the only shredding company on Long Island certified for on-site and off-site shredding with endorsements for both non-paper mediqa and physical hard drive destruction.
  • Please note that NAID is the only legitimate internationally recognized certifying professional organization. Always look for this NAID Certification logo and if you have any questions validate the certification on the NAID website:
  • Check for State Licensing. New York State requires by law that Document Destruction Companies be licensed. Click the State seal in the left margin of this site to check licensing status of a potential vendor… all we can say is that there are way more companies claiming to be Document Destruction professionals than there are licenses issued.
  • Take a close look at the web sites to see if you are looking at a “real company” or at a lead generation site that will bombard you with telemarketing. Are there pictures of their operation and their people, or do all the pictures look like stock photos? Ask if you can see the plant, or just do a simple address check on Google Maps or any other mapping program and look at the picture. We know of several websites claiming to be for shredding companies right here on Long Island, but the address checks out to be either a UPS Store or a Mailboxes Etc. Also look at the Google Map pictures of any “branch offices”. We’d be glad to give you a tour of our secure plant.
  • Check references. We have plenty of Customers who would be glad to tell you about us.
  • If you have any questions, please just call us. We’ll be glad to visit with you and help decide if we are the right Secure Destruction company for you.