Free Shredding Sponsored by AARP or your Town

Last week I talked about the 3 ways to shred – Onsite Shredding, Offsite Shredding, or Drop-Off Shredding but I left out a fourth important way to shred.

If you are a homeowner or private individual (not a business), consider a free Community Shred Event!  We are proud to be partnered with AARP for the third year in a row to make free shredding available to our Seniors and to the community at large.  You can bring up to 3 bags or boxes for free professional shredding to help fight fraud and fight Identity Theft.  Please see below for a wonderful video produced last year by AARP.

We are also sponsored by many Public Libraries and several Municipalities.  Please check our Events page for a schedule of free community shredding near you.

There are a few important restrictions on Community Events:

  • These are for private individuals only.  That means no businesses, even if you work out of a home office.  Health Care Professionals please be aware that it is a major HIPAA violation for you to shred patient information at public events like these (please call us and we will help you).
  • You are limited to only 3 bags or boxes for free shredding.
  • Please put paper only into the bags you bring.  No metal, no binders, no electronics, and certainly no batteries (they are flammable when shredded!).  But you do not need to take out paper clips or staples.
  • Paper must be dry.  If you have wet plastic bags of paper (we still get some from Hurricane Sandy) please open them up and let the papers dry first because wet paper clogs the trucks.

Community Shred events are an important tool in the battle against Identity Theft, and Quality Shredding is happy to help!