e-Cycling Old Computers

“Santa won’t take back the old computer… but we will!” Santa is generating lots of e-waste this year!

Laptops, computers, e-readers, and more… Santa has a heavy bag!  But once the new gift is unwrapped, what will you do with the old one?

Starting January 1, it will be against the law in New York for old computers and electronic equipment to be sent to landfills with the trash.  As a registered e-cycling drop-off point Quality Shredding will take those old electronics for free e-cycling.  Easy drop-off shredding service is Monday -Friday 9-5 or Saturday, January 3 from 9 – noon.

We STRONGLY recommend also shredding the hard drive before e-cycling to prevent Identity Theft.  It is inexpensive and our technicians will remove the drive for you and can shred the hard drive while you watch (there is a small charge for hard drive shredding).

Want to see how hard drive shredding works? Take a look at the video below shredding a hard drive.  We shred paper records, hard drives, CDs, floppy’s, tapes and more with no minimums.