NYS DFS Cybersecurity Rules

DFS CyberSecurity Rule

Section 500.13 (Limitations of Data Retention) of this new law requires “secure disposal on a periodic basis
of unneeded or expired records.

  • This law applies to all DFS (Department of Financial Services) Regulated entities in New York State
  • Section 500.13 does not discriminate between digitally recorded or conventionally recorded materials
  • Annual compliance reporting under the law is mandated to DFS in Albany
  • The compliance deadline for Section 500.13 was August 2017.  Deadlines for other sections vary.
  • The law includes conditional exemptions from certain Sections of the law for smaller businesses,
    however, there are no exemptions granted from Section 500.13

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See video below what Tobi Says about how the DFS Cybersecurity Rule can affect your business: