FACTA.  FERPA.   HIPAA.  GLB.  Sarbanes-Oxley.  And now the new NYS DFS Rule.

Compliance is a serious concern, with more companies than ever legally mandated to protect information.  This is a serious issue which deserves a deeper conversation than some bullet points on a website.

NAID accredits information protection consultants through a rigorous testing process to become a Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (CSDS).  Quality Shredding is the only shredding company in the entire NY Tri-State Metro area with not one, but two CSDS’s on staff to help you maintain compliance.

Data Breaches are enormously expensive, both in public opinion and in real dollars spent.  A good information disposal program can be the cheapest “insurance” you can buy against a breach!

For more information on HIPAA and other Compliance Mandates, please call Tobi directly at (516) 342-5551 so we can talk about what you need and how we can help.