Storing Your Records in the Basement is Risky Business

We’re only one week into the official start of spring, but we still have piles of snow from our fourth snowstorm of March.  Four!  However, as we begin to embrace the warmer weather ahead, snow will turn into rain and our focus will turn from shoveling to flooding.

Whether it’s your home or your business, no one wants to go down into the basement to find their things floating around and believe us, we’ve seen our fair share. The basement might seem like a convenient and cost-effective records storage solution — after all, it’s close and easy to access and doesn’t cost anything. But the consequences of a flooded basement can easily outweigh the storage benefits.  We tend to forget that the second word in “Long Island” is “Island”, and the reality is that any basement on our Island is susceptible to flooding.  I get a phone call after every big spring rainstorm from someone saying, “But it never flooded down there before!”

Basement storage is just plain risky, so a good starting point is to take a fresh look at what paper records you really need to be storing.

You may come to realize (as many of our Customers do) that you need to keep way fewer boxes than you are holding, whether in your basement or in a storage unit.  I always advise people to store only the records boxes you need and to set up a regular schedule for shredding the boxes of older content.

At Quality Shredding, we specialize in all kinds of records cleanouts — even if they’re in the basement. So before the heavy rain starts to roll in, let’s work together to get those outdated files out of your basement and through our shredders!