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Introducing Easy and Affordable Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

You can easily fit 100,000 pages of email onto a single Gigabyte of storage.  How many millions (or billions) of pages of data are on your old hard drives?  We make it fast, easy, and affordable to shred old hard drives, flash drives, and other digital storage media.

New York State’s New DFS Cybersecurity Rule,
effective March 1, 2017

This is the first State law of its type in the Country.  The name is somewhat misleading, though, because it applies to many forms of information protection including a section which mandates secure disposal.  This law applies to all DFS Regulated Entities in the State, including Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Companies, and more.

Long Island Business News

See the announcement of our feature story on the cover of LIBN

Cyber-Safety Tips

A few simple “best practices” for safe use of the Internet

On-Site or Off-Site Shredding; Is One Better?

We maintain that there is NO universal best way to shred... there is only what is best for your company at this very moment.  Requirements change and what is right for you today might (or might not) still be right tomorrow.  Read why we offer On-Site Shredding, Off-Site Shredding, and Drop-Off Shredding.

Store Them or Shred Them?

In the wake of a massive fire at a records storage facility in Brooklyn, it’s a fair question about what is a better strategy.

How Long Do We Have to Keep These Boxes?

A quick discussion on Records Retention

Oh No... The Basement Flooded!!! Now What?

Maybe it was a storm or maybe just a broken pipe... but either way it is bad if you had cardboard boxes of paper records down there!  Here are your next steps.

How Do We Pick a Shredding Company? 
What Should we Look for?

Obviously we think we are your best choice, but you should still conduct your proper due diligence.  Here are some objective criteria to help you judge and compare.

e-Cycling Old Computers

Santa may not take back the old computer with him when he leaves, but we’ll take it!  It is no longer legal to put an old computer out with the trash... State Law says they must be properly e-cycled.  Learn more about e-cycling and hard drive shredding.

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